Naturally, you might have some more questions regarding our services. For ease we have outlined some of the most common questions. Of course, in case you have other queries, feel free to contact us directly.

Is the coaching Model is proven?

Our model—coaching for perfection—is being utilized more and more by people from all walks of life who find themselves wanting and needing change. The coach’s role is to facilitate a person’s own learning, discovery, growth, and change. In short, life coaching empowers a person to find answers within that lead to greater success in the fullest living of life.

Does the coaching fit everyone?

Yes, life coaching is literally unlimited in its message.
This partial list indicates the variety of life and work circumstances of people who have benefited:
• Accountants, Actors, Attorneys
• Dentists, Doctors
• Entrepreneurs
• Parents
• People in transition, People fired
• People post-divorce, People undergoing divorce
• Salespeople, Secretaries
• Teachers, Therapists
• Young adults
The common thread for all is the recognized need or desire for change by an individual.

In what fields can coaching assist me?

The list of (problems or) issues appropriate for coaching is infinite.
Below are some examples of the issues that coaching may assist and tackle:
• The difficulty to say “No”
• Desire for real meaning
• Chronic dissatisfaction
• Lack of balance
• Drop in productivity
• Wish to relationship/s
• Weakened self-confidence
• Divorce or separation
• Adjustment to loss or change in job or health

What can I expect from coaching?

Below are some of the coaching outcomes experienced by millions of people worldwide:
• Clarity
• Balance
• Well-being
• Self-connection
• Awareness, Fulfillment
• Less stress
• Less fear
• Fun, Creativity
• Wisdom
• Inspiration
• Wellness
• Competency
• Better Self Achievement
• Greater confidence
• Improved Relationships

How does it work?

The coach’s job is to establish and create trust, listen, focus, raise the right questions, introduce new practices, follow up, care, and be there for you. The secret is the chemistry between a coach and a coaching client, so an effective coach for one person may not be so for another. Coaching is very effective for short-term change. At the same time, significant learning often takes time. Many people choose to work with a coach for 6-12 months.